This Guy Shouldn't Be Allowed in Public

I understand that Mosley is part of Hopkins camp, but was it really necessary for B-Hop to stand up the entire fight from the 5th row and ruin the fight for people that probably paid $10k for their seats. Rambo and the Terminator sat still for the whole fight from the front row. I guess his stint in the clinker didn’t teach him much about society and other people in this world. To top it off B-Hop climbed into the ring, fought his way through trainers, family members, and reporters to put his ugly mug on tv without saying a word. I’m not an expert on this but I’d expect my father or trainer or one of my 3 kids by my side at that moment, not the most annoying person out of the 20k in attendance.

I’m not sure what to think about this fight with the controversy surrounding Mosley because of BALCO and admitting to using in the past to the most recent mishap with Margarito and illegally taping his hands with plastic pieces. Mosley fought one hell of a fight. No one expected the underdog to show up fighting like a 25 year old again. He was too fast and too prepared for Margarito. Margarito turned to throwing wild punches and taking right hooks to the ear to battle back in this fight. What impressed me the most about this fight was Margarito’s ability to take those huge right hooks to the ear. If you’ve ever got hit in the ear , you know what I’m talking about. He took his beating like a man. Was all but done at the end of the 8th, but went back in to be finished off. Much more respectable that throwin the towel in like that pussy De La Hoya.

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