Things You Should Pack For Your Travels Regardless Of Where You Go

Takings trip anywhere is an amazing experience and one that everyone should endeavor to do as much as possible. Where taking a vacation is exciting and full of new adventures, there is an element of planning and serious stuff that goes along with it all. Obviously you need to book and pay for the trip, as well as look into the other finances surrounding the holiday; do some research and plan for emergencies, loss or theft, travel, souvenirs and food. You’ll be surprised how many people make last minute plans and don’t think through how much it’s going to cost them. Once everything is booked and budgeted, you can start to look into what you’re going to do while you’re there.

If you’re planning on taking a hike then you know that you’re going to need to right clothing and gear to go along with that. There are specific activities that dictate certain items in your luggage, as does the actual location; you’re not going to take a winter thermal coat to Kenya, or half a case of shorts to Iceland. However, no matter where you go in the world there are certain things that you should be packing and taking with you.


You might be designed for sandal-city, but there will be a time where you need sturdier footwear. Doing any sort of day trip can take it out of your feet, particularly if you’re not used to being on your feet for extended amounts of time. If you’re in the lovely city of Rome, touring the Colosseum and the Roman Forum you’re going to be standing around for hours – so make sure your footwear is comfy enough to stand it. (Pun intended.) Plus, sneakers look great and are so versatile that you’ll be able to cut down your footwear choices for the vacation.

Sun cream

Skiers will warn you about the sun burn you can get on the slopes – the sun reflects straight off the snow, and you can easily spot a ski-tan thanks to the tell tale outline of goggles around the eyes. UV rays are harmful regardless of whether you’re soaking them in shooting down the slopes or lying on the beach. Pick a high factor and apply it religiously throughout the day.


No matter where you plan to go on vacation, you’re probably going to need sunglasses. Colder climates and warmer locations will usually have some form of sunshine, so you need to keep your eyes protected from harmful UVA rays. You might want to try chic and stylish Oakley glasses, if you’re looking to invest in a new pair. When packing your sunglasses, make sure you use a hard, protective case; you don’t want them to become broken or cracked during your journey. 

Bug spray or cream

You might not need to take bug spray – midges and mosquitoes aren’t everywhere in the world, but a good, medicated bug cream works wherever you are. It might not dull the pain of an Africanized Bee (also fondly named the ‘killer bee’) but it can help with various bites and stings from both insects and plants. More tropical and warmer locations are more likely to have a wider variety of critters and plants that can hurt you – Australia is built to kill people – but you still get plants and insects that have evolved to look after themselves around the world.


Believe it or not it does get chilly in Africa at night. Hot countries still get cold at night – and the longer you’re there the more your body becomes acclimated to the climate so you’ll feel the drop in temperature more than you normally would. If you’re heading to a chillier destination, taking a sweatshirt or twenty is a no brainer. Made in the USA sweatshirts are a great option for a classic sweatshirt designed to keep you warm while not keeping in the sweat.

Lounge pants

No matter who you are, where you are or what you’re doing, at the end of a busy day, you just want to relax. Now your lounge pants might be shorts or full length, they might resemble sweatpants more than pajamas, or it could be the other way around. The only cites is that they are comfy, and you’re happy to lie around in them all evening.

Travel toiletries

You might expect your hotel to provide you with toiletries, but you don’t know if you’re going to like what’s provided, and for many those products might cause an allergic reaction. It also means that you have a back up if you do choose to use the provided toiletries and run out. Pack a bag with those little bottles of shampoo, body wash and conditioner. Add in a travel sized toothpaste and your toothbrush and you’re good to go. Obviously your toiletries are going to expand with hair products, face washes and moisturizers, but if you’re low on space, but some empty travel bottles and fill them from your larger ones at home. That way you’re still using your normal things, while saving space in your luggage.

Waterproof jacket

It still rains at the equator, so you’ll be happy that you packed something waterproof. If you’re heading to a hot location you might want to pack a thinner coat like a rain mac, opposed to the heavy coat you’ll save for Visiting Niagara Falls. You can get a good idea of the type of jacket you’ll need depending on the season. In Britain you have to be prepared for rain, but during the summer months, you can get away with a light jacket and an umbrella, for example, where in the winter you’ll need your parka, hat, scarf and gloves.

Portable chargers

You don’t know what your outlet situation is going to be in your hotel, or when you’re out and about. If you’re using your phone as your main map, then you are going to burn through that battery a lot quicker than normal, the same as if that’s your main camera – and let’s be honest, who isn’t snapping a few thousand selfies when on vacation? Portable chargers are, by nature, small and easily portable, they don’t take too much room in your luggage and some can even slot into your wallet. Larger portable chargers have an extended battery life themselves, so you might want to invest in one larger one rather than multiple smaller ones – particularly if you’re planning on using it for a laptop or camera.

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