The Thunder Treats Podcast: Episode 001

For a long time, we have wanted to start a podcast.  We figured we had ideas that might differ from the main stream media and decided that we needed to let those ideas be heard.  Therefore, each week myself and DiNunzio will be bringing you a brand new episode of our podcast.  You can expect it every Wednesday afternoon, after your Hump Day Hottie!

This week was our first so it might seem a bit rocky.  We are taking all feedback to heart and will use it to make our podcast better.  If you have an iPhone, Apple device or iTunes, you can subscribe to our podcast and be notified each week when a new episode is ready!  It’s simple to do and a nice and easy way to get connected.  Of course, if that isn’t an option we will post the stream here each week!  Also, the posts won’t be this long each week either!

This weeks episode covers Lance Armstrong coming clean, the baseball Hall of Fame and how no one from the BBWAA voted anyone for induction.  Also we take a look at The Iron Sheik’s twitter account and listen to a crazy Ravens fan.  We talk about some other really cool, interesting things too.  Have a listen below or subscribe on iTunes.


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