The Price is Right!

When we were growing up, there was a staple in every child’s life. That staple was The Price is Right. I can remember watching it with my grandparents after they picked me up from preschool. It was one of the only things that could make anyone feel better when they stayed home sick from school (whether they we were sick or not). In college, I had a friend who had a rule with his roommates. If they were getting ready for class and at any moment saw Bob Barker or heard the Price is Right music, they had to skip their class and sit down and watch. Totally understandable and if you don’t know what show I’m talking about I would like to ask you kindly to never ever visit this blog again. Tomorrow morning, February 18th, is a special Price is Right. I know what you’re thinking..”But DiLo, how can it be special without Bob Barker?” It will be special because our friend, Lindsey, will be appearing on the show. Lindsey is originally from Medina, Ohio and has relocated to Las Vegas. Lindsey and her sister set out at 4am from Las Vegas to go to Los Angeles in hopes of getting tickets to the Price Is Right. After hours of lines and many attempts for them to get her name (Lindsey Marie) onto one of their name tags, they had gotten to their seats. As the show began, Lindsey was the very first contestant called down! She remained on the show and made it to the showcase showdown. I am not going to spoil how the show ends, but it would be smart of you to watch until the end! Thunder Treats congratulates Lindsey on her outstanding achievement and success. Thunder Nation looks forward to watching you dominate.

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