The guys who brought us Awkward Family Photos are back with Awkward Family PET Photos

awkward-family-pet-photosWriters Mike Bender and Doug Chernack are back with another edition of a creepy yet crazy photo album.  Their first installment, Awkward Family Photos, spent 16 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list and now you can have another book for the coffee table with Awkward Family Pet Photos.  In this edition, there are never before seen pictures of people posing ridiculously with their pets.  A lot are your basic cat and dog house pets but some will surprise you.  A personal favorite of mine would be the couple dressed in white with a rooster.  Really?  A cock?  To each his own I guess.  If you are going to order this gem, hit up Amazon where you can somehow get a used copy for $6.00, even though it came out today.


The book will appeal to the masses because everyone enjoys laughing at weirdos.  Awkward Family Pet Photos is also available for purchase online at



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