The Dugs Hit and Run


If you have ever perused the Thunder Roll you may have stumbled up The Dugs – Baseball Comics link.  If you haven’t, then I highly suggest you check it out.  Eric, Martin and Galen are the brains behind The Dugs and each writes up a different comic for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, respectively.  On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s they have a feature called the “Hit and Run” where they have a few questions up for debate.   Eric contacted me to see if I was interested in being part of an edition of the Hit and Run.  Obviously if it has to do with sports and humor, I am in.  Here is a snippet of the interaction between myself and my opponent, Martin.  For the full debate, check this link or click on the above picture.  Thanks to everyone at for the opportunity and I’ll be waiting for my invite to another Hit and Run!


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