The 2012 NFL Draft Day Drinking Game

draftlogodrinkBack in November, we brought you the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Drinking Game and now we are back to kill your livers with the NFL Draft Day Drinking Game.  You can blame missing work on the NFL’s decision to move the draft from the weekend to a weekday during prime time.  There are a lot of rules and basically every single aspect of the draft is covered so you better have at least 12-18 beers ready for the first round alone.  Let’s get after it..By the way, there are some real gems in there so I highly suggest reading them all…like the last one.

Overall during the draft you have to drink every time a player attending the draft is picked and walks out to meet the commish. The number of seconds you drink is based on the numbered selection the player is picked (Andrew Luck goes pick 1, he’s there, drink one second. RGIII picked second drink 2 seconds. After we get into the teen picks, the number of seconds can be divided by two) Get ready, cause there are 26 players attending the draft this year.

– Drink 3 seconds every time a player from Alabama or Stanford is picked.

– Anytime a offensive lineman is selected all people sitting together on a couch much drink. (Love seats and futons count, as well)

– Anytime a WR is selected any person at your draft party who is sitting in a chair must drink.

– Anytime Chris Berman is talking and almost runs out of breath near the end of his statement, the fattest person at the draft party must drink 2 seconds and do 5 push-ups or sit ups. Cause we need to get America back in shape.

– Drink every time Jon Gruden makes a hand gesture that could be considered a karate chop.

– If Charles Davis appears on screen at anytime, slap yourself in the face and take a drink. Anything he says is going to be stupid. Just take a minute and slap yourself and save yourself the hassle of having to listen to him.

– Drink 2 seconds anytime either the NFLN or ESPN cuts to a second group of analysts. Double that amount to 4 seconds if they are sitting on couches. Double that amount to 8 seconds if they are wearing shirts and ties, but not wearing suit jackets.

– Drink anytime Mike Mayock says the words freak, freakish, or freaky.

– Drink 3 seconds anytime McShay slips into conversation how he had a guy higher or lower on his board, in comparison to Kiper’s board. Double that drink time if Kiper gives McShay a pissed off look, in response. Double that drink time again if its clear that Kiper used Just for Men to color his hair.

– Drink anytime Charlie Casserly or Bill Polian mentions a former guy the scouted, drafted, or if a guy reminds them of a certain player from past drafts.

– Take a good chug anytime Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, or anything having to do with the Saints scandal is mentioned.

– Drink anytime Mortensen mentions people he’s talked to, his sources, or talks about things being speculated.

– If a player appears with his girlfriend in green room, you must drink 2 seconds and text your own girlfriend. In that text you must get all defensive and accuse her of being a gold digger . If you girlfriend is cool enough to be with you and watching the draft, shes a keeper and then you are exempt from drinking.

– Drink 7 seconds every time a trade happens.

– Kill your beer if Jaguars, Dolphins, or Seahawks pick a player no one expected to go that early in the draft. And at some point take a drink for crazy ass Al Davis, we’re gonna miss the crazy shit he would pull during a draft. Although it looks like Jerry Jones is on a fast track to take his place.

– Kill your beer if the Patriots trade pack at any point an acquire an a 1 st , 2 nd , or 3 rd round pick in next years draft.

– Drink if the Lions take a WR in the first round.

– Drink if the Steelers take a LB in the first round.

– Drink 3 seconds for any former player working as an analyst at the draft that is wearing any color in the neon, floral, or pastel color pallet. Double this drinking time if the player/analyst is wearing a Super Bowl ring.

– Drink if Rich Eisen mentions his pod cast or his 40 time at the combine.

– Anytime Kiper blatantly contradicts himself, or desperately trys to defend something he was wrong about and talked about for months, give the TV the finger and drink 2 seconds.

– Pour out a little beer on the floor any time a player is described as having character issues. Scream Thug Life while you do it. But if that player with character issues is drafted by the Bengals, then kill your beer.

– Drink every time Adam Schefter smiles and nods his head after he says something.

– If more than 10 Under Armor commercials are shown during coverage of the first round, kill your beer.

– Start chugging anytime a team waits till under :35 seconds to get their pick in.

– Shotgun a beer every time fans in attendance boo their teams pick. Do two shotguns if it’s the Philly, Jets, or Giants fans.

– Kill your beer if any team trades up from the second round to get back into the 1 st round.

– Kill your beer if 4 players in a row are picked from the same side of the ball, at any point during the first round.

– If a player trips and falls while walking out to shake the commish’s hand, all alcohol in the house must be drank. This includes hand sanitizers, mouth washes and rubbing alcohols

If anyone is brave enough to play this game, I want pictures/video/recap of everything that happens! Send them in people! Happy Draft Day!!

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