That's what I call a situation; Mike Sorrentino's father is pissed

frank-sorrentinoMike Sorrentino, aka the Situation on MTV’s wildly popular Jersey Shore, has a problem and his name is Frank.  Frank Sorrentino is Mike’s daddy and if there is one thing Italians should know, it is that your family comes first.  Unfortunately, based on some of the claims from the elder Situation, it seems as though Mike has left his family in the dust and basically has written them off.  I do not know if these allegations from Mr. Sorrentino are true or not but I can’t say that I would be surprised at all.

He has released a slew of videos via YouTube where he dishes some dirt out on everyone.  From what I can tell, the only people he likes are Pauly D and Vinny.  Good call, those are the only ones I can stomach too.  He tears into new cast member Deana saying that she is a “first class Italian pig” and gives Snooki a shot referring to her as “4’11” piece of shit” while referring to both of them as “trolls”.  At that point I had to rewind the video because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t hear Frank.

Other videos include stories of Mike getting a blow job from a 40 year old, then suing for sexual harrassment, the troubles he sees for the future of the show when they tape in Italy and basically and all around slugfest where no one is safe.

It seems that these videos are a direct result of the Sitch spending his money on cars and hoes instead of giving his family in need a break.  Frank even mentions going on welfare at one point during one of the rants.  Whatever the case, I am sure there is a lot more to the story but for now, I am just going to enjoy these clips

I wonder if Frank Sorrentino has ever met Michael Lohan?  The two seem to be right in line with each other, they would probably hit it off!

Fair warning, most of these videos contain language that is not safe for work.  Put in the earbuds and enjoy!

[youtube id=AgP2NJFqugM ]

[youtube id=CZO9lDWSFMw ]

[youtube id=Ol-cs7vwopU ]

[youtube id=CZO9lDWSFMw ]

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