Thanks, Internet! Homeless Man Given a House by YouTuber MagicOfRahat is the Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

Last year, YouTuber MagicOfRahat posted a video in which he tricked a homeless man into thinking he had won the lottery. He purchased the homeless man, Eric, a fake lottery ticket and gave the store clerk $1,000 to pay out. The result was nothing short of awesome and Eric even tried to give some of it back to Rahat. Just goes to show you what kind of guy Eric is.

Fast forward a year and the two are good friends. After the lottery video went viral, Rahat was getting a lot of inquiries as to how they could help Eric. So many that Rahat started a crowd funding project for Eric that swelled to over $40,000.

With the money, Rahat found a rented Eric a home and has him set for a year there. Also, he set him up with a $21,000 bank account that he can monitor.

Check out the video below in which Eric is excited that he just got a job, but he has no idea what Rahat has in store for him. The two are heading to dinner when Rahat says he has to stop at his house and then surprises Eric with the news.



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