WATCH: Teen Attempts to Rob Convenient Store, Clerk Shoots Him & Drops the Mic

On the outskirts of Youngstown, Ohio a couple weeks ago, two teens entered a convenient store around midnight. One of the boys was carrying a backpack and a what appears to be a rifle. Youngstown’s WKBN local news obtained the surveillance video of the confrontation.

According to police, there were two people working at the store at the time of the attempted robbery. The clerk looked to be stocking a cooler while the store manager was in a stock room.

The 17 year old boy walks in and you can see him on camera brandish what appears to be a rifle. You then hear him demand that the clerk “get in the back” multiple times.

Unfortunately for the robbery suspect, the clerk had zero f*cks left to give that day.

The store clerk pulls out his own weapon, draws, and fires upon the would be robber. He hits the boy in the side and you can hear him squeal on the recording.

Perhaps the best part comes at the end when the store manager asks him what that noise was…

“Me shooting someone”.

If the clerk had been holding a microphone at this moment, you could consider it dropped.

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