Ted Williams uses his golden voice to scream at his daughter

tedwilliamsI am sure that everyone and their mother is trying to get a piece of the Ted Williams pie.  For the past week, Williams has been on a whirlwind media tour ever since a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch posted a video of Williams “Golden Voice” on You Tube.  The video went viral and Williams now has job offers coming in from everywhere.  Pop quiz to all you smartasses:

What comes with numerous job offers and a whirlwind media tour?

If you said “Money”, give yourself a high five.  According to TMZ.com, Ted Williams was detained by the LAPD last night in Hollywood after he and his daughter got into a yelling match at the Renaissance Hotel.  Apparently it got so loud that an employee felt they needed to call the po-po.  Both Williams and his daughter were taken “downtown” but neither one had to stay since they both refused to press charges.

The man with the golden voice better watch his golden temper or else he’ll be shelling out his new found income to bail his ass out of jail.  Although, a week ago jail would have been an upgrade.  3 square’s and a bed?  I’m sure he’ll still take it.

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