Super Duper Gifts For Manly Men That Are The Answer To Your Christmas List Prayers

Ok, with less that 60 days to go, it is most definitely that time of year when your mom, girlfriend, wife, and auntie ask the most dreaded of all questions. What would you like for Christmas? Ok, yes, them asking is better that them just guessing. No one wants to end up with that aftershave that your dad wore in the 80’s and that you are never going to use as you have a beard. But even so, it’s a question that can strike fear into the hearts of even the manliest of men. But fear not, brave warrior. We have some solutions!

Make Your Own Kits

Ok, so first off, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a handy guy that can turn his skills to anything, why not ask for a make your own kit? This way you get to show everyone how great you are at making stuff, and you get a nice edible, or even better drinkable treat at the end of the process.

This ‘make your own’ goat cheese kit, contains everything you need to make 4 batches of delicious yummy gooey goat’s cheese. All you have to do is follow the instructions and add store boats goats milk. Which as we know is everywhere now that everyone has decided that cow dairy is akin to poison.

Or if goats cheese it a bit too bland for your sophisticated palate, what about growing your own chilies and then making your very own chili sauce? You get to complete the process from start to finish. Then you can eat the fruits of your labor on pizza, chicken wings, steaks or any other delicious treat that needs a little spicing up.

Of course, you could always ask for a brew your own kit instead. You can get ones that make lagers, or even craft ales if that is your thing? Remember you’ll need somewhere to store it while it brews, but it should be worth it as you get to sup your very own amber nectar.


You could even get some labels for your homebrew beer too. Then if you can bear to part with a few bottles, everyone while know who the master brewer behind the drink is.


Are you into your meal prep? Or is one of your news years resolutions going to be to buy lunch from the cafeteria less? Then you might want to request a lunch related item.

One such item is the Bento Box. Traditionally a bento box is a lacquered  Japanese lunch box. They are designed with different compartments for different elements of the meal. However, more modern version now available are made from hygienic and easy-clean plastic. They also often include a space for cutlery.


The main advantage of a bento box is that you can portion out your different food groups and snack. So you know you are eating just the right amount of carb, proteins, and fats to make gains at the gym without putting on any extra flab.

You can even get ones with plug in attachment that lets you keep your lunch warm. That means all sort of hot, delicious delights. No more soggy sandwiches for you if this is on your Christmas list!

Or for the health consciousness why not ask for a water bottle made from glass or metal. Remember it has been provided that plastic water bottles are full of harmful particles that can leak into the water over time and get into your body. Using a non-plastic bottle for lunch and at the gym can help prevent this.

Geeks Rule

If you like your presents techy, then your Christmas list shouldn’t be too hard to create this year. There are plenty of things that you can add from the ever increasing selection of tech now available.

For starters, you could always ask for a PlayStation VR. Supposing Aunty Pam doesn’t tell you to ‘go away’ in colorful language due to the $300 price tag, and that she can actually get her wrinkled hands on one? Then you could spend Christmas day deep sea diving in a shark cage, participating in a diamond heist, or getting your kicks street luging.


Of course, there are plenty of other games coming out for the VR system too, including the bizarre and addictive Thumper. Steer a silver beetle along the path, hitting your rhythms cues as you go. Or go old school with the Carnival Games package and practice ski ball and shooting hoops until your heart’s content.

Just remember that to have the most immersive experience possible you will need the move controllers too.

Another techy item that you will get a lot of use out of is a projector that works with your mobile device. They are small and portable so you can take them with you to your friend’s house or use them when you are out and about. They allow you to watch whatever ever you would consume on your phone on a big screen. So if those Youtube fail videos just don’t have enough impact, super size them with a projector like this!

Of course, it’s a good bet that a fair few of you are fans of the Star Wars franchise. But when asking for a Star Wars theme present, it can help to get really specific. This is because they seem to have sold the rights to the brand to pretty much any company that wants it. So while you can get some awesome items like Lego Star Destroyers, you can also get landed with Star Wars Christmas baubles or socks.


Does your geekiness go beyond even the Star Wars Vain and onto into the general nerdasphere of science fiction? Then there are plenty of options for you to request come Christmas time.

Just think of poor Aunt Mabel’s face as she has to buy a plush Alien face-hugger toy or a natty ‘the spice must flow’ Dune t-shirt. Perfect for wearing on a night in, catching up with your latest sci-fi box set!

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Subscription boxes are the savvy receipts choice. This is because you get a gift every month, instead of just at Christmas.

Originally marketed mostly towards women with beauty items, the subscription box has taken off big style, for us guys too.

You can get lots of weird and wonderful items through the post now, so just make sure to pick one that you get the most fun out of.

You could try a geek box like this one, which contains anything from pop figures to poster and t-shirts. Or you can go for a brand specific box, like this one from Marvel. Which is full of official goodies brought straight to your door every month. You can read more about it here.

For The Joker

Does the burden of providing Christmas day entertainment falls to as the man of the house? If so then you might want to consider asking for a gift with some comedy value.

Of course, there is always the hilarious Christmas sweater. Available in both clean and saucy options. If granny is coming over for tea, maybe best to stick to the former.

Then there are these cool little doodads. Beard Baubles, Perfect for the manly hipster than wants to get festive and funny all at the same time. Just clip them into your facial hair for hilarious results.

Metrosexuals Rule OK

Now there is so much pressure on looking fly as well as just being awesome, another popular gift to requests is some face care products. Don’t worry, though, asking for this doesn’t compromise your manliness. In fact, there are special items available for men that come in gray, blue or even orange packaging, os they are not too girly. Just remember everyone uses moisturizer and eye cream these days!

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