Student Dressed as Brian From Family Guy Carried Into Lecture Hall and Given Two Minutes of Silence

Last Sunday, the brain trust behind the Family Guy series decided to kill off one of the members of the cast. Ask anyone, and they would have thought Meg would be the first one to go.  Instead, the creatives decided it was time for Brian to say his final goodbye and a fatal run in with a car.  Many were shocked that a character that was so consistently funny would be the first one to get the boot but may Seth MacFarlane just got tired of doing Brian’s voice.  Although, that scenario seems highly unlikely since it’s his actual voice.

Some people took the death of Brian Griffin harder than others. For instance, Twitter allowed an outraged fan base to reach out to Seth MacFarlane personally and let them air their grievances. Elsewhere, students at a UK university took their grieving to a whole new level.

During a lecture at the university, a professor was interrupted in the middle of their power point presentation by loud knocks at the door..  When the door opened, two students dressed as military carried another student dressed as the deceased Brian while funeral procession music played.  A witness tells us instead of raising hell, the professor did the coolest thing possible and let them proceed with their memorial.

“The lecturer seemed confused at first but it quickly became apparent that she appreciated the practical stunt. The ‘body’ of Brian Griffin was placed on the floor at the front of the lecture hall, and the two students dressed in military uniform saluted towards the corpse. They both turned to face all of us, and one declared, ‘Please up stand for a two minutes silence’. Without hesitation, the entire lecture hall stood up, and even the lecturer turned off the power point and closed her eyes for the moment of remembrance. After the two minutes had passed, the two students hoisted Brian up and slowly carried him out of the lecture theater.”


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