Steps You Can Take To Quit Smoking Right Now

The United States Centers for Disease Control estimates that roughly 38 million people in the U.S. smoke cigarettes. As such, this makes the tobacco industry a rather large animal to kill. In fact, it will almost be all but impossible to ever completely put out the tobacco industry, but as more options for smokers become available to help them quit their habit, the strangled hold big tobacco has on the population begins to loosen.

Cold Turkey

Quitting cigarettes by just throwing out your pack and never going back is an ideal way to knock the habit. However, it’s not that easy. If it were, this article would be about 100 words and not a whole lot of people would need pointers. Roughly 5%-7% of people who try to quit smoking without aids are successful. Others need help.

Nicotine Replacement

Sometimes it’s simply the fix of having nicotine coursing through your veins. When this is the case, nicotine replacement therapy is a good option. You can slap a nicotine patch on your arm or chew gum. There are also sprays and lozenges.


While this is probably not the best way for you to kick your habit of smoking cigarettes, it is an option nonetheless. Vaping involves using an electronic inhaler – or e-cigarette – to smoke the vapor form of a nicotine mixture called an E-liquid. There are plenty of pros for vaping over cigarettes such as smell and taste. You can get all sorts of vape juice these days. Also, the price for vaping vs. buying cigarettes is also a plus. For example, you can find cheap vape juice at Grey Haze.

Behavioral Therapy

Another way to try and quit smoking can be visiting a counselor to try and curb your cravings. You can work together to find your triggers and how to avoid them. Another option is to seek hypnotherapy. I know it sounds crazy, but there are many stories out there about people getting hypnotized to stop smoking.

Whatever your choice, seeking out help to quit smoking is the first step you can take. It’s never too early to kick your tobacco habit and your body will appreciate it almost immediately.

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