Some iPhone 5 concepts are exciting while others are seem impossible

Apple events are something that everyone looks forward too.  Even if you don’t own an iPhone, iPad or any i-device, you still are curious to see what they will do next.  With their September 12th event looming, the buzz is even greater now with whispers of a new iPhone 5 being unveiled.  Last week, Apple sent out their invitations to the event and created a frenzy among techies when the image of the invitation was posted.  Above is the image from the invitation and, as you may or may not have noticed, the shadow cast by the “12” is the number 5, which almost certainly means we’ll be seeing the new product.

Since the invitation, and even before, different concepts have been released by different people and companies.  All have extravagant ideas of what is to come with the iPhone 5.  None more extravagant than the video below, which shows the iPhone 5 being “stretched” into an iPad Mini through the use of “rubberband” technology.

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Although none of us know what they have in store for sure because Apple is so tight lipped, we can look at what has been predicted so far. Both the good and bad.

Taller, thinner display:
The existing display on your iPhone now is 3.5″.  The 5 has been said to be getting an upgrade to a nice 4″ screen, which would probably allow for more Apps on your home screen and better viewing for FaceTime or YouTube.


Along with upgrade in mega pixels, the front facing camera will be moved to the center of the phone.  Not a huge move, but a move none the less.

3G to LTE:
In keeping up with some quicker Android phones, the LTE connectivity has been a widely spread rumor for the new iPhone 5.  It would only make sense.  What’s the point of a new version that still is 2nd best in wireless connectivity?

New ear buds & earphone jack location:
I don’t know about you but the Apple ear buds drive me crazy, especially with much better products by Skull Candy and others.  A new redesign of the ear buds would reduce echoing while making voice calls.  No word on whether they would be more comfortable in your ear. Also, it is said they have moved the earphone jack from the top left of the phone to the bottom left.


Wireless charging: 
This concept video shows the iPhone 5 wirelessly charging.  I don’t know if the technology exists for that (it probably does) but that would solve a lot of the problems people have with the 3 foot iPhone charging cord.

Finger print scanner:
It is annoying to use the 4-digit code to unlock your phone every time you use it, which is why I don’t use the feature.  However, on the new phone, as shown in the video, perhaps you will be able to use your own finger print to unlock the phone.

New 9-pin charger:
If this one is true, a lot of people are going to be furious.  According to some concepts, the new chargers will be 9-pin instead of the standard 30-pin.  That essentially renders all your chargers and docks useless because the new phone won’t fit.  Of course, it is almost a guarantee that Apple releases and adapter, but who wants to use that?

Some of these concepts may be true.  3G to LTE, new ear buds, camera change and screen size all make sense.  Another addition to expect would be a iOS 6 release, with it automatically coming on the new phones.  In addition to that, expect prices to drop drastically on the 4 and 4S.  Also, maybe this is the year they start the base model at 16 GB’s too.

Who knows right? But it’s fun to think about and predict.  The event is Wednesday, September 12 at 1pm Eastern time.  A simple Google search should allow you to watch the stream.  You can also follow on Twitter using the #Apple hashtag.

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