So Cal, So Good…

This weekend is a weekend that is well deserved. This weekend is a weekend that has been long anticipated. This weekend will be Epic. I use the term epic to start my transition into the Southern California way of life. A way of life that I will be indulging in for the next couple of days. YaDonk and I are heading down to San Diego on Friday to meet up with the So Cal Shredder and his room mates. It seems as though when ever we get together, hilarity and intoxication ensue. There is more than just engaging in adult beverages to look forward to. One being the thought of having a palette pleasing burrito from Ramiro’s. The fact that it will be 2 or 3 in the morning will have no effect on us but might actually make the experience even better. I may even try out the famed Tapatio hot sauce that these guys scream about.** The day portions of our trip will be devoted to sand wiffle ball homerun derby. Can anyone reading this actually sit there and think of something better to do this Saturday afternoon than play wiffle ball? On the Beach. In Southern California. I didn’t think so. We will rise with no hangovers on Saturday morning to head to the beach. Some will ride righteous beach cruisers while others (So Cal Shredder) will choose his beloved shred stick as a mode of transportation. The last time we all squared off, it was an endless battle full of curveballs, diving catches and dodging people on the boardwalk to make the catch. If history is any kind of sign, I am sure that another legendary battle is in store for this weekend. I plan on taking home the trophy this time with a Mark McGwire summer of 1998 type performance. If Donk brings his A game, I don’t think I need to worry. Although I am sure we will get a standard Jonathon Moxon “Woo!” after a handful of his cuts. So Cal Shredder has always been a terror at the plate, but he will be the Sammy Sosa to my Mark McGwire, close but no cigar. Don’t worry Thunder Nation, we plan posting a video of the nectar weekend we are about to run into. At the very least there will be an abundance of pictures that we can take with Donk’s new camera…What are the odds that Donk breaks/loses that camera this weekend? Strong to quite strong…The next post I give to Thunder Treats will come either from San Diego or from a post San Diego trip. Either way there should be some stellar stories to tell and we should all have a good laugh.

** For those of you who do not know what Tapatio is, please keep a watch out for a guest post by our friend Donald Glista, Esquire.

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