Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is Now Searchable on Google

A lot of times while you are sitting around with your friends, you begin some sort of trivia.  One of the best games to play, that never seems to get old, is the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.  For those of you who do not know how the game works, you are given an actors name and you then have to link that actor to Kevin Bacon using 6 or less co-stars.  For example, if someone said Christian Bale and you went to Google for the answer, this is what you would see.


Got it?  Good.

Google has just done to the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon what Shazam has dones to the Name That Tune trivia.  Made it incredibly easy to cheat.  Using an algorithm, if you go to Google and type in any actors name followed by “Bacon Number”, the site gives you they’re ties to Kevin Bacon immediately.  It’s pretty fun trying to get a high number, I was only able to get a connection of 2 when I tried different people.

Go ahead and give it a shot!

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