Setup Your Home Office In Style With The Best Technology

Working from home is challenging. There are deadlines and tasks to complete daily, just like in a normal office environment; a home office needs to be run like a tight ship in order to maximize your productivity. It’s not easy to function at 100 % productivity when you’re in your home office because there are countless distractions around every corner.

It’s the lunch hour that all of a sudden went to two hours, the kids toys lying about, the daily chores like washing and cleaning dishes, the neighbours dog working it’s vocal chords or the fact that your bed beckons just around the corner, housed with a mountain of pillows.

You need to knuckle down and dig deep every day. Staying focused in a home office is challenging but can be the most rewarding environment if you manage your home office space adequately. The best part about working from home is that you can set up your space to create a workflow that is rewarding and personalized around your daily needs.

The following technology 2017 and gadgets available to date will bring about a dynamic shift in your home office space; allowing you the freedom to work from home happily and efficiently.

Work Your Desk

Let’s face it some tasks at the office require your full attention and you have no other choice but to knuckle down, sitting straight in front of your computer for hours on end. If you’re having one of those days where running back and forth from task to task is required, and you need to be on your feet then you should consider incorporating a standing desk into your home office space.

The Ergo Depot Jarvis Bamboo is an adjustable desk that you don’t have to win big playing online roulette NZ games to be able to afford it, as it is well priced. The desk is more stable than most of the other adjustable desks on the market. If you’re not completely sold on an adjustable desk then you may want to consider the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior. This nifty desk accessory can be mounted on your existing desk to prop your workflow up to a standing position, when and where required.

Light It Up

When you work from home; there’s no such thing as nine to five working hours. Having a home office often requires late nights and crack of dawn early mornings. Sitting face planted in your computer screen can be straining on your eyes, that’s why it’s imperative you light your home office space adequately.

There are hundreds of various desk lamps available and other standing lamps that may be perfectly optimized for your space. Whatever you decide, you should ensure that you choose a light that is dynamic, so that you can light your entire home office space or a very selective area within the office. LED bulbs work the best, consider what your office aims to project; if you’re very task orientated you want to go with 5.000 Kelvin bulbs, which simulates daylight.

Dock Your Smart Phone For Better Communication

Even though you may constantly work off of your static desktop or more mobile laptop, there’s one device you have to be glued to constantly. Your smartphone has replaced much of the functionality of your computer and we use our mobiles to communicate with clients all day; whether it’s via a traditional phone call/text or even through social media platforms, our smartphones have become extensions of us and our business.

To optimize your mobile device usage in your home office, consider a Dock. The Dock will cradle your phone in an upright position and keep your phone charging all throughout the workday. It’s a brilliant way to keep track of incoming messages/notifications and allows you to keep your home office more organized.

Jack In To The Future Of Sound

There’s one thing that’s for sure, the humdrum dead silence or white noise can drive you up the wall in any environment. If you need to add some sound to your home office then you should only be looking at Bluetooth speakers. They cut the chords and can be placed just about anywhere in the room.

Even though new age Bluetooth speakers are the standard for boosted sound in your home office, you can truly step it up a notch with a smart Bluetooth speaker. Smart Bluetooth speakers can connect to an array of devices in your home office and what’s even better is that some models come standard with smart assistants. The Amazon Echo is equipped with Alexa, an assistant for your home office that works much the same like Siri on iPhone.

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