September 11th, 8 Years Later

I’ll never forget where I was when…” I used to think of that saying as only a figure of speech. Ever since September 11, 2001, it has been the beginning to many stories. I can’t remember anything from the beginning of that day. I don’t remember what I was wearing and I don’t remember what I had for breakfast. I was in high school, a senior with an open schedule. I was a “hall monitor” along with Jack Potts. We sat around and thought of stupid things to do while harassing everyone that walked by, students and teachers alike. My memory of this day starts the exact moment that one of our science teachers came out her room telling us we were under attack. Our first reaction was that she was crazy. Then she went into detail about what had transpired in New York City. Our second reaction was pure shock. We went to the nearest room and quickly informed the teacher to turn on her television. We watched the history unfold from there. The following period we watched more of the news cast and were quickly terrified when the second tower was hit. The rest of the day was spent glued to the television. I still have the newspapers from that week with headlines such as “Reign of Terror” and “Under Siege”.In all my life, there are only a few events that have been so sharply burned into my memory. This may be the most vivid. I find it hard to believe that what we witnessed live, kids are already reading about in history books. Kids in first grade were not even born or were new borns at the time of the attacks. Retelling this story will not be hard as it plays like a movie in my head. Every September 11th I take a few moments to close my eyes and return to that hallway to remember the events and more so to remember those who had fallen that day. I encourage anyone reading this to do the same. Never forget, never again…

So where were you?

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