Boy Runs Away, Uses Bed Bath and Beyond as Home Base

bedbathbeyondstoreLet’s go back some years.  More for some of us than others, but let’s go back to the days when we were newly crowned teenagers.  Remember when Mom and Dad pissed you off and you threatened to runaway but then ended up just pouting in your room (unless you actually ran away, then props to you)?  I used to pull the “I’m calling Children Services” when I was mad.  That didn’t really work with my parents because they would get the phone and phonebook and hand me both and say “let me know when they’re on their way”.  Nice move Mom and Dad, I always chickened out. Well a teenager in Michigan must have really been pissed at his parents because he ran away on April 18th and they did not find him until April 23rd .  When they finally found him, he was wasn’t rummaging through garbage cans or sleeping under an overpass but sleeping comfortably in a Bed Bath and Beyond.  You read that right.

This 15 year old Michigan kid ran away from home and instead of sleeping out on the streets he did the intelligent thing and snuck into a Bed Bath and Beyond before closing, grabbed a blanket and ducked under one of their display risers for some shut eye.  He even knew to avoid sleeping on all the comfy amenities that can be found at a BB&B because of the security cameras.

Unfortunately last Thursday employees spotted the boy sleeping when opening the store and called the police immediately.  I guess he didn’t think snag an alarm clock with his blanket, rookie mistake.  The police have the opportunity to charge the boy with trespassing but nothing has been filed yet.  After being apprehended and returned to his parents he promptly ran away again.  This time however he was only gone for 14 or so hours.  Mom must be getting good.

I’m just spit ballin’ here, but maybe there is something more going on than a kid getting grounded.  I mean the kid is 15 years old and legitimately running away from his home.  Just a suggestion, but maybe a professional should step in, perhaps a psychiatrist?

On a different note, if you were going to runaway what store would you pick as your home base?  I have been thinking about this and I think I have to go with Costco/Sam’s Club.  Think about all the stuff they have in there.  All the steaks and burgers and you know they have grills to cook up the goods.  What is your store of choice?


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