Robert Rose Tells Penn State Fans to Suck It…Literally

On Saturday night, The Ohio State University beat Penn State by a score of 24-7. It was sweet revenge for the young Terrelle Pryor who, last year, fumbled the ball late in the 4th quarter in Columbus and subsequently lost the game for the Buckeyes. Late in the 4th quarter, quarterback Darryl Clark rolled out to his right and threw a interception that would seal the fate of the Nittany Lions. After the interception, ESPN camera’s panned the Ohio State sideline only to catch #9 Robert Rose mimicking what looked to be the act of fellatio. Who it was directed at is uncertain and the video doesn’t help. He may have been joking around with a teammate but the more likely scenario is that he was directing it towards the Penn State fans. Now before everyone gets all up in arms about this, remember that it was out of complete coincidence that they caught this on tape and I am SURE that players on both sides of that field have done something of this nature not expecting to be caught. Besides, it was just a quicky…

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