Oakland Raiders Tackle Gave His Game Check To Family Of Sick Girl

Ava Urrea is a four year old Oakland Raiders fan that hails from Las Vegas. She was born with hypoplastic left heard syndrome, a heart condition that is not well-known but has required her to go under the knife 20 times during her short life.

Urrea’s neighbor asked her father if there was any dream or wish he could make come true for little Ava and responded by telling him that her favorite team was the Oakland Raiders.

Lucky for Urrea, the neighbor was friends with Fox Sports writer Jay Glazer who not only got the Urrea’s tickets to the game, but also flew them to Oakland to see them upset Buffalo 26-24.

Ava was made captain for the day and received massive amounts of signed gear as well as stuffed animals and anything else you can imagine. She even got to have lunch with the team.

After the game, Ava got to meet some of the players and one player in particular was touched by Ava’s story. Offensive tackle Menalik Watson handed Ava’s father his weekly paycheck from the team, totaling close to $20,000.

Ava’s mother said the money will help with the medical bills that continue to pile up.

“People are good. People are good,” her mom said. “This was a moment of amazing grace. People are good.”

Glazer sent the family to Oakland through his Touchdown Dreams program. You can learn more about it here.

Another pic of the star of the week

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