Q&A With SI.com’s Jimmy Traina

In this edition of Thunder Chat, we are talking with senior producer at SI.com Jimmy Traina.  Jimmy Traina is a name that is synonomous with sports blogs.  Jimmy runs the Hot Clicks section of Extra Mustard on SI.com.  What used to be a one post in the morning blog as turned into an A.M. and P.M. edition.  Both editions are filled with links and videos that help us all get through the day.  It is truely a site for everyone, not just sports fans.  Jimmy has found a happy medium and stays true to his tagline “Where pop culture meets sports”.

-What are some of the coolest things you have been able to do while working for SI.com?
The coolest thing for me was way back in 2000 I covered a Mariners-Yankees playoff game. It was my first time in the Yankees locker room and my first big assignment. It actually sucked a lot because I couldn’t cheer and I was there as a “reporter,” so I was miserable. But I’d still have to say that it was still very cool. As for something more recent, over the holidays I asked the folks to read Hot Clicks to help out this young boy who had cancer. He was trying to raise money to buy Snuggies for every kid at his hospital. They wear the Snuggies during chemotherapy treatments because it keeps them warm while not restricting them. Anyway, I heard from so many people who donated money that it completely blew me away. It was really overwhelming. So to be able to help out like that was very cool. Oh, and getting Chris Cooley to do an edition of Hot Clicks was cool.

-Who, besides Derek Jeter, was the biggest thrill to meet in person?
Hmmm. I’d have to say no one. I don’t really get excited or thrilled when I meet someone famous in person. 

-How has your job changed since you have incorporated a P.M. Hot Clicks to go along with the A.M. Hot Clicks?
Well, since you asked: I don’t have one free minute during the day. I don’t have time to plan anything out. I don’t have time to get organized. It’s become way too hectic. Are you glad you asked?


-How long does it take you to sift through the emails you get? How many emails do you get?
I get more email than I can handle. And I can’t tell you how long it takes me to sift through all of them because I never finish sifting through all of them. They’re ALWAYS there in the inbox and new ones are ALWAYS coming in. But that’s a good thing because people provide awesome stuff for the column.




-Would you consider your job right now a “dream job”?
No. A dream job is when you get to call your own shots. I don’t get to do that.

-How much content from Hot Clicks is sent in and how much do you find on your own?
I’d say 75% comes from emails and 25% comes from my own surfing and scouring of the Internet.

-What are some other sites or blogs you read on a regular basis?
I’m on Twitter all day. Does that count? Other than that, Warming Glow and TVTattle.

-Who’s your favorite sports writer?
New York Daily News media writer Bob Raissman.

-What are the steps you took in your career path that led you to SI.com?
I was a broadcasting major in college, so I’ve been involved in media since then. I worked at a radio station after college, I interned at another radio station and also at a cable sports network. And before SI, I worked at the Associated Press, where I did a lot of writing. Fortunately, I made some good connections at these places and that helped me in landing the gig at SI.

-If you could do a 1 on 1 interview with absolutely anyone who would it be?
Howard Stern.

-Who is your favorite female sideline reporter not named Erin Andrews?
Pam Oliver is actually pretty funny with her reports sometimes.

-More and more athletes are taking to their own blogs to voice their opinions. What is your take on athlete’s blogging in general?
If an athlete is willing to show us a lot of his personality, a la Chris Cooley, then it’s awesome. If the blog is just a PR tool, it sucks. Unfortunatley, I think most fall into the latter category. If you think about it, how many must-read athlete blogs are there? A handful? Sadly, I don’t see that changing too much.

Quick Response, first thing that comes to mind:




1.) Which character from Saved by the Bell would you be?  Zack Morris

2.) Best sport to watch live?  Baseball


3.) _______ will be Super Bowl XLIV Champions.




The Colts

Big thanks to Jimmy Traina for doing this interview with us.  Jimmy is a big part (main part) of why so many people have got to see Thunder Treats.  Thanks for the exposure Jimmy, we really appreciate it.  Make sure to check out Extra Mustard (twice) daily to check out Jimmy’s Hot Clicks.