Put Your Life on Airplane Mode: The Guide to Making the most of your travel experiences

There is much more in this world than you could ever see in your lifetime. 

There are millions of places of natural wonder that will cause you to need to catch a breath as you look out across the spanning beauty of nature. 

Beautiful historic buildings which will make you wish the walls could speak and that you had the patience and skill to craft such important works of art. 

Whatever the purpose of your travel- each of these scenarios bring with them a lifelong memory to be cherished. The illusion of escapism shattered by the ding of your cell and countless work calls coming in. 

Pack yourself some luxury leather duffle bags and allow yourself to go on some of the best trips of your lifetime–to reset, recharge and reevaluate the world you live in. 

Switch on Airplane Mode 

As technology has advanced, we have all found various reasons to keep our cell phones on us at all times. Nobody is far from their tech anymore- wearable technology has meant being able to glance down at your wrist to track your steps, read a text message, or even take a video call.

What’s the point in taking the time to travel and explore the world around you if you don’t end up taking the time to escape, to truly absorb the beauty that you are immersed in. While it has become increasingly easy to connect with people on the surface, our ability to connect with those around us on an emotional level has become more difficult. 

Take some time to switch your phone off, or at least in airplane mode (we all know that we want to take pictures to document those life changing moments!) to allow yourself to make memories based on the there and then– not to get distracted looking at a picture of somebody’s lunch again. 

Make your own memories that shape who you are, without seeking validation from the reactions to your content. 

Change how your memories are captured 

Find new ways of capturing a memory. Instagram and Snapchat stories only last a day but the memories will last forever.
Enjoying your experiences of a trip through your phone can dampen the trip, too. Nobody needs to see 30 pictures of your great aunt eating an ice cream on the beach. These pictures will take up more memory on your phone than in your mind.  

If you are a painter, take the time to embrace the passion for paint on canvas, to really take in each detail of the world around you, captured in a keepsake forever. 

Travel is a rare, special experience for most people. It requires extensive saving and planning. People spend so much time planning how to get there and how to pay for it that they forget to plan for how to appreciate it. 

Don’t make that mistake. Give yourself the grace and space to make lasting memories for you and your family for years to come. 

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