Public Service Announcement from The League

The cast of the FX hit show The League have made a few viral videos regarding the current NFL lockout.  Ruxin, Taco, Andre, Kevin and Jenny and of course “crap out the booze” Rafi.  Noticeably missing from all of the PSA’s is Pete.  I hope this isn’t a foreshadowing of a season that will not include Pete because I really like the chemistry the whole cast, even Rafi, has got going.  Also, of course we hope to see some of Shiva this season as well.  Enjoy these four PSA’s from your favorite cast of fantasy football degenerates.

[youtube id=jNhh9EnEDe8 ]

[youtube id=2MPgPKQX7K0 ]

[youtube id=sZU35lyibpI ]

[youtube id=w4c-XPgHjWo ]

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