Ohio: Home of the Basketball Trick Shot

That should be the new slogan smeared across every license plate in the good old Buckeye state. The last couple of months we have been getting a regular dose of LeBron making a somewhat impossible, jaw dropping shot. Well now King James may have a little bit of a competition in the form of 14 year old Aaron Shutway from Brecksville Broadview Heights Middle School. His front-flip-into-a-three-quarter-court-shot is something of beauty. So congrats to Shutway on the shot that he, and most of us, will not soon forget. Also, I would like to high five the young gentleman wearing the UNC shirt and low five (with pulling the hand away at the last second to make him look like a jerk) the young man in the Kellen Winslow jersey. Don’t be that guy Bro.

Lebron, you’re up.

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