Thunder Treats’ Annual Night Before Thanksgiving Drinking Game

Tonight is the night most of young to young-professional America takes the local watering holes of the towns they grew up. Most will be visiting from the much nicer locale they have decided to move to since leaving their home town, others will be home from college, some will be townies and some, just out on parole.

The one thing they will all have in common, though, is the fact that they all “really don’t want to see anyone from high school” or “already see everyone they want to”.


You and I both know you’re lying so cut the crap. Everyone gets excited to see long lost acquaintances before Thanksgiving. If for nothing else than to re-affirm that girl was a huge bitch or that jock was — and odds are still is — an enormous douche bag.

For those of you who are the cynical type, we have just the thing to make this night even better. The Thunder Treats Night Before Thanksgiving Drinking Game!


That’s right! Take all that negativity you were throwing and direct it toward the bingo chart above. I have supreme confidence in each and everyone of you that you can come up with your own drinking rules to go along with this game. Play in teams! Play head to head! Play with yourself (heyyy-ohhh)!

If you try it out, let us know on Twitter or Instagram! Be safe everyone!


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