Morning Coffee: Victoria Silvstedt, LeBron Hits 20,000 & Manti Te’o’s Dead Girlfriend Never Existed

Victoria Silvstedt in a bikini is a thang of beauty … Chip Kelly was the biggest dick on the internet for a couple hours yesterday … Then the news of Manti’ Te’o’s dead girlfriend being a hoax exploded … Soon after, a new internet trend was set … Pretty good break down of possible scenarios that led to the elaborate hoax involving Manti Te’o …  Tiger Woods is willing to put a $350M clause in a prenup if he can marry Elin again … This seems like a waste of time and pointless … LeBron James became the youngest player to hit 20,000 points last night … Britney Spears’ engagement may have fallen off but she is about to get paaaaid … This guy was fired because he was outsourcing his own job to China … AJ McCarron’s hot piece of ace will be doing some reporting for Inside Edition from the Super Bowl …  Subway has been giving us 11″ footlong subs

In case you need a background on the Manti Te’o situation


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