Morning Coffee: Talita Correa, Dennis Rodman in North Korea, The Wife and Mother Killed in Las Vegas & The Chiefs get Alex Smith

Brazilian model Talita Correa // Kids dressed as the celebs from the Oscars is a thing // Dennis Rodman, yes that Dennis Rodman, is in North Korea as a diplomat and hopes to see Psy // Kate Upton’s sweater puppies were out to play last night on Jimmy Fallon // The Kansas City Chiefs made a move for 49ers quarterback Alex Smith // Maybe the pig testicles are what made Oscar Pistorius shoot his girlfriend // Good read on Perez Hilton and how he built his empire // Great write up on Sandra Sutton-Wasmund, the wife and mother of 3 that was killed in the taxi during the Las Vegas shooting last week // I can see Tina Fey killing it as the Oscars host // Pandora is limiting the hours for the free mobile listeners // Ridiculous felony charge for sneaking into a movie without paying // Terrell Suggs says Manti Te’o is welcome on the Ravens // Karma is going to get a hold of this bitch and turn her world upside down // Popin’ ain’t easy, the Pope’s final day is today //

The Oreo Separator…in case you don’t want to use your fingers


Jimmy Kimmel’s parody of Zero Dark Thirty


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