Morning Coffee: Rosie Jones, X-Gamer Caleb Moore Dead at 25 & Over 40 Super Bowl Commercials You Will See Sunday

One of my all time favorite Brits, Rosie Jones … 10 years after NASA’s Columbia Space Shuttle disintergrated while returning we find out they knew the crew was going to die, but they didn’t think it was smart to tell themSuper Bowl Bingo Game … Here are over 40 commercials you will see on Sunday … A couple 49ers players did a pro-LGBT commercial, then denied it, but there is video …  Sony could be teasing at the Playstation 4 … These guys have to be the absolute worst hitmen in history … Texas prosecutor gunned down in broad daylight at the court house … Phil Mickelson missed shooting a 59 by thaaaaat much … Sadly, X-Gamer Caleb Moore has passed away from complications from his fall last week … HBO may soon be Lena Dunham only shows … Speaking of HBO, they are negotiating with Apple to bring HBOGo to Apple TV, FINALLY … Gronk hooked up a kid selling lemonade on radio row …

It’s the first of the month.


Bar Refaeli. Lingerie. via Sharapova’s Thigh


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