Morning Coffee: Rachel Cummins, Las Vegas Shooter Captured, Michael Jordan Baby Mama Drama & The Last Harlem Shake Videos Ever

Rachel Cummins is the hottest MMA fighter not named Ronda // Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un are BFF’s // Michael Jordan is getting sued for child support by an alledged baby mama // Minnesota Twins Joe Mauer is expecting…wait for it…Twins // Maria Menounos has legs for days…put a week on it // The new Adidas uniforms for March Madness are the ugliest thing I have ever seen //  Here’s 20 greats quotes from Robin Williams // The worst possible way to wake up in the history of worst ways ever to wake up // The man responsible for the Las Vegas shooting last week has been caught in LA // Loving this Passion Pit remix featuring Juicy J from Three 6 Mafia // Forget goats, Taylor Swift can be replaced by a paper towel dispenser //


The Miami Heat did the Harlem Shake…looks like fun to be on the Miami Heat via The Big Lead


Good old Youngstown State University giving their best Harlem Shake

Those will be the last Harlem Shake videos seen on this website.  The only exception is models or hot chicks doing it topless.  Other than that, you won’t see another one.


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