Morning Coffee: Rachel Bilson, Coachella in Pictures, Tracy McGrady is Back in the NBA & Being Boston Strong

I’ve been a Rachel Bilson fan for quite sometime // The outpouring of support for Boston in the wake of tragedy is moving, the Yankees and Indians are on board too // Too bad the Red Sox beat the Tribe like they stole something last night // Tracy McGrady has been playing in the Chinese Basketball Association, now he is with the Spurs for a playoff run // Legendary kicker and more legendary commentator Pat Summeral has died at the age of 82 // Bubba Watson isn’t a small guy…unless he is in Shaq’s arms like a baby // Kids asking for a cell phone? Get them a flip phone because stud NFL quarterbacks have them // Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was last weekend (and this weekend) and the pictures are great // Katy Perry and her cleavage were even at the music festival // Beyonce is getting ready to go on tour with extremely hard nipples // Naya Rivera naked in Allure Magazine…go…enjoy // I want to go to this art gallery //  We should probably bring back these 10 things from the 90’s // I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell: The Musical? // I want to talk to Amanday Bynes, I want to know what is going through her mind // We now know more about the victims from the Boston attacks // Also, we know more about the type of bombs used // Could this be a suspect? //

Do you even lift, bro? Weight room edition via Bobs Blitz


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