Morning Coffee: Pray for Boston

I know you usually expect a daily dose of women, sports and humor from the Morning Coffee, but I just don’t feel like that is appropriate today.  Today’s Morning Coffee will consist of links from around the world about the Boston Marathon Bombing.  If you haven’t been following closely, these links will help keep you up to date.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected from this tragedy.  And to the people running towards the blast instead of away from it, you are true heroes and I have no problem admitting you are strong than most, including myself.  Thank you.

Investigators trying to get to the bottom of the bombings are sorting through hundreds of thousands of pictures and video from the marathon // Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, for what it’s worth, have condemned the attacks on Boston // The death toll is up to three with 150+ injured // Incredibly sad to hear that one of the victims that died was an 8-year-old boy // Runner recalls the moment the blast happened and what he saw // Brothers standing at the finish line both lost a leg in the attack // Woman recounts her injury from her hospital bed at Tufts University Medical Center  // Carlos Arredondo became know as the hero in the cowboy hat // Talk about focus, this 65-year-old runner sprinted past the explosion to finish her race, 468 followed // Pictures from the bombing yesterday, though extremely graphic and sad, can be seen here and here // Here’s how you can help //

No video is needed today, you’ve seen it.  No one needs to see it again.

Prayers for Boston.


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