Morning Coffee: Olivia Munn, Reaction to Harrison Barnes’ Dunk, Boston Bombers Amazon Wish List & 1999 in 10 Minutes

I will never get tired of seeing Olivia Munn // Megan Fox looks great even after a good workout // Here are some pictures of Jennifer Lawrence before she was famous // People Magazine calls Gwyneth Paltrow the most beautiful woman in the world // 80 pictures to make you miss college //

Harrison Barnes has sick dunk but his teammates reaction might have been better // The brothers Upton went back to back last night, first time brothers have done that in 75 years // The Atlanta Hawks are using Living Social to try to sell playoff tickets // High school has their baseball and football fields on the roof // The Cavaliers are brining Mike Brown back to coach because they are the Cavaliers // Can’t get tired of watching Manny Ramirez go deep in Taiwan // Subway has scared the hell out of me with the Jarvis Jones chicken salad bust // NO ONE comes out of surgery like The Rock, who calls it “fun pain” //

Images that capture the American spirit // Death at Tough Mudder prompts review of course and obstacles // Tamerlan Tsarnaev had an Amazon Wish List consisting of just what you would expect // Why Do I cry uncontrollably during sex? And other questions you’re embarassed to as about sex // Boston Bombers used fireworks from popular chain as explosives // Sony launches binoculars that record what you see, Peeping Toms everywhere rejoice // Some how one inmate has had 5 kids with 4 different female guards // Proof that life isn’t fair // Today in the Amanda Bynes Saga, she is now hearing voices and talking to herself // Incredible photos from National Geographic photo contest // Man steals bike, returns it with apology note coupon //

These are the people at Coachella that give other people at Coachella a bad name via CBS


Here is 1999 in 10 Minutes…definitely worth watching via The Nosebleeds


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