Morning Coffee: Nicole Nagrani, Steve Spurrier Thinks College Players Should be Payed, Antoine Dodson Announces He is No Longer Gay & Chris Broussard is Still Being a Douche

Nicole Nagrani is the youngest IFBB Bikini Pro in the World // Miley Cyrus new photo shoot // Helen Flanagan at the FHM Sexiest 100 party with her sideboob // Her name is Joey and she…I forget what I was gonna say //

Reggie Miller got colorful in the locker room after the game // Tim Tebow got an offer for $30,000 dollars just to throw footballs // Did Clay Buchholz throw a spitball // Steve Spurrier thinks that college football players should be paid // The person who put Tiger on blast at The Masters has been revealed //

Jay-Z’s $100 Bill off The Great Gatsby soundtrack // The Nets really didn’t expect to make it to Game 7 // “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife” Antoine Dodson announces he is no longer gay // Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman is dead at 49 // Masturbate-a-thon is a thing // Ryan Lochte continues to be an absolute dipshit //  These women look really hot in their mugshots // Beyonce’s rider for her tour is absolutely ridiculous, including $900 straws //

Chris Broussard thinks gay people can be saved if they repent because is a blow hard douche bag via Huff Po


Reese Witherspoon’s arrest video makes her hotter via Bobs Blitz


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