Morning Coffee: Naya Rivera, Brian Banks Signs with Falcons, Anderson Silva is Awesome & Happy Birthday to the Cell Phone

Naya Rivera is the best thing that Glee has ever produced // It’s a beautiful thing when players names line up just right and make us all laugh // Brandon Knight continues to be the punching bag of the NBA // Splash on ABC looks dumb, Katherine Webb sure doesn’t though // Anderson Silva is awesome and if you don’t think so, this should change your mind // This guy is up for boyfriend of the year after moving from a fly ball and letting his girlfriend take it in the face // Parent from the Newtown massacre are speaking out // President Obama is taking a joke of a pay cut to show solidarity // Brian Banks is getting his shot in the NFL after being exonerated on rape charges // Alec Baldwin’s daughter is making a name for herself in the modeling world // I don’t know who Brandi Glanville is but I do know we dropped the ball by not having her in Cougar Madness! // Happy 40th Birthday to that thing that is stuck to your head all day // For those obsessed with Arrested Development, they have announced the Netflix premier // Hacker group Anonymous is going after North Korea // I promise this is the most f’d up story you will read all day //

New Ryan Gosling movie looks badass via The Nosebleeds


Snoop Lion and Miley Cyrus have a new song that isn’t bad via Billboard


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