Morning Coffee: Natasha Barnard, Aaron Hernandez Released by Patriots After Arrest, Browns Rookie Charged with Attempted Murder, DOMA Unconsitutional & Home Invasion Caught on Nanny Cam

Natasha Barnard is pretty hot //¬† British football WAG Kristy MacClaren defies physics by not tipping over // Erica Durance is probably the hottest Lois Lane we’ve ever seen // No one can rock an “elbow bra” quite like Danielle Sharp //

New England Patriots Former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested this morning at his home in Massachusetts // The Browns rookie Ausar Walcott wanted in on the action, arrested for attempted murder // Mark Sanchez is thanking Aaron Hernandez for taking the heat off him today // Brian Cashman is doing the same thing // How early is too early to start recruiting at Vanderbilt? Probably the first trimester //

Pretty awesome photos from the super moon last weekend // Feels like the FDA is trying to stimulate the health care system, doesn’t it? // It’s not really a surprise concert for Jay-Z if the NY Post is writing about it // The Supreme Court strikes down the provision denying benefits to legally gay married couples // Pretty terrifying home invasion caught on the nanny cam,the woman¬†didn’t cry so she would scare her daughter //

Chris Berman gave the graduation speech for a high school and it went just how you think it did via Guyism


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