Morning Coffee: Natalia Siwiec, Footage of a Man Getting Swallowed by a Sink Hole, Bulls End Heats Streak & Britney Spears Still Got It

Natalia Siwiec is my future ex-wife // The title of this article on Ryan Lochte and his new show sums up everything perfectly // LeBron and the Heat got their first loss in 27 games last night at the hands of Da Bulls // Jay Leno must be feeling the pressure at NBC because he has resorted to making fun of his own network in his monologue again //  I like crazy, but Amanda Bynes is really pushing my limits //  James Holmes, the Aurora theater shooter, has offered a guilty plea in exchange for sneaking past the death penalty // So that movie with Helen Hunt, The Sessions, was based on a real woman? // Dude probably doesn’t even have his comically large check from the lottery and has already put his bodega up for sale (I’d do the same thing)  // Old FBI memo over 60 pages about the discovery of UFO’s and Extra Terrestrials // Probably the funniest GIF I have seen in a long, long time // Britney Spears is a mama of two but can still rock a bikini like it’s nobody’s bidness // CCTV caught a man getting swallowed by a four-story sink hole // DeSean Jackson bought a nice mansion in Cali, not sure about the headline thought? // Cheryl Cole’s band, Girls Aloud, broke up recently, so she did a photoshoot in a tub // Let’s go to the top of a volcanoe while it is erupting // So there is going to be a Doritos flavor that should taste like the taco that’s supposed to taste like a Dorito? Sold // More Natalia Siwiec because why the F not? //

Awesome video calculating the price tag of product placement in songs


45 odd facts about Presidents via Bobs Blitz


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