Morning Coffee: Miranda Kerr, Another Brazilian Girl is Selling Her Virginity & a Punter Has More Passing Yards Than Tim Tebow

I will never get tired of looking at Miranda Kerr … Here’s 29 facts you probably didn’t know … Samantha Steele is no more, welcome Samantha Ponder … Governor Chris Christie was a touch pissed at John Boehner … Lucky us, another Brazilian virgin is selling off her flower … Someone forgot to tell Louisville they were supposed to get spanked last night in the Sugar Bowl … Disgusting human beings joke on video about a girl getting raped in Steubenville, Ohio … Browns WR Greg Little is dating a smoke show who is popular on Instagram … The Rams rookie punter had more passing yards than Tim Tebow this year … Putting warheads on foreheads … The next President has been released from the hospital … Watch this message from the students of Notre Dame

Since Jason Kipnis is a cool dude, you guys should definitely watch this.



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