Morning Coffee: Miesha Tate, Mike Trout Lived in Parents Basement, Phillie Fan Caught Homerun with His Face & The Girl Who Auctioned Off Her Virginity is Still a Virgin

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Miesha Tate is a hottie and thanks to ESPN The Mag’s Body Issue, we can see that more clearly // Remember Barbara Palvin? She’s still around and still hot // I am, and have been for a long time, in like with Nina Agdal // Rihanna’s bikini body doesn’t suck at all // Summer St. Claire is a smokeface from England that everyone should know //

Some people are leaving Vine for Instagram Video but those who have stayed were treated to this Phillie fan catching a homerun with his face // Mike Trout had a monster rookie season last year and in the offseason lived in his parents basement // LeBron tried to rap…and it wasn’t half bad // NHL14 may win video game of the year with the mode that allows you to play NHL94 // John Rocker stills exists // Everyone in the country thinks the suspension should be 100-games for the first steroid offense…except 1 //

BREAKING: Justin Bieber still a huge doucher // So are his friends //  Lamar Odom may or may not have cheated on his wife, who Guyism lovingly referred to as Chewbacca // Zach Braff helped a dude propose to his girlfriend // 10 year old girl throws message in a bottle in the ocean, 8 years later she dies, 3 years after that her mom gets the message // Catarina Migliorini auctioned off her virginity but she is still a virgin //

I told you. I’m in like with Nina Agdal.


Blurred Lines over the Cosby Show intro via @JimmyTraina


Annnnd Vanilla Ice mashed up with Blurred Lines because why not?


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