Morning Coffee: Marisa Miller, Tianlang Guan Finishes First Round +1, Glee Shows School Shooting & Man Saws His Arms Off At Home Depot

Marisa Miller will always be in my top five, she has a permanent spot // Apparently USC’s former quarterback Matt Barkley is engaged and of course Busted Coverage has their registry // Zack Greinke has a broken collarbone after a brawl during the Dodgers game last night // Get hip to Katie Cassidy, I’ve been in love for quite some time // 14-year-old Tianlang Guan finished the first round of the Masters with an incredible +1 // Speaking of golf, here are some hotties golfing //  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley hates bras // Mark May continues to be a whiney, Pitt biased little bitch //  Teacher quits her job to get on the pole full time // Man in California intentionally cut his arms off with saws in a Home Depot // Shouldn’t have sold my Coachella ticket, there is an added side show I would have liked to see // Anonymous is going to out these teen rapists, whose victim comitted suicide, if action isn’t taken by police // North Korea should be blown off the map // Sandy Hook parents are upset with Glee having a school shooting episode //

I really want to try this.


Epic Rap Battle: Skrillex vs. Mozart


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