Morning Coffee: Leanna Decker, Sidney Leroux Golfing, Darren Sharper Surrenders, Court Storming Fight & Girl Goes Through Three Bottles of Ketchup a Week

Leanna Decker has a problem keeping her lingerie on// Sidney Leroux attempted a Happy Gilmore type swing, failed miserably, won the hearts of every red blooded male // Happy Ending’s Eliza Coupe showing off some cleav // Ashton Kutcher is a dick, Mila Kunis is off the market // This week’s Hump Day Hottie Rosalind Lipsett has a new, awesome, photo spread //

Justin Bieber got a wonky doing his field sobriety test in Miami // I think I got a thing for Rumer Willis // Jimmy Kimmel got emotional when he had a 7 year old cancer patient on his show // Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger should be pretty sweet // Kim Kardashian got a cool half million to be a douche bags date //

Darren Sharper has surrendered to police in LA after a warrant was issued for him // Joba Chamberlain got an incredibly stupid tattoo // Richie Incognito beat the shit out of his Ferrari with a baseball bat // LeBron James looked like a villain more than ever with his all black face mask // Jason Collins got the opportunity to meet Matthew Shepard’s family after a Nets game //

$60 million high school stadium closed because of cracks // Girl after my own heart loves her some ketchup // Hot teacher in Utah in trouble for sleeping with a student // Man claims he was fired because he wouldn’t participate in a “bang sesh” // Tragic story out of Minnesota where a 6 year old girl froze to death //

Utah Valley University beat New Mexico State and stormed the court…and fought. [Next Impulse Sports]


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