Morning Coffee: Leann Rimes, Kobe Went HAM Last Night, Bryce Harper Hit a Ball a Mile & The Rise of Lotus Births

Leann Rimes looking goood in her two piece // Florida International has a sa-weet new basketball floor // The former Kent State quarterback Julian Edleman has signed a one year deal with the Patriots // The Miami Marlins shouldn’t be surprised that the entire fan base is boycotting the team after their fire sale // At first we made fun of Triple H for getting shot with dry ice before his match at Wrestlemania, now we find out he has second degree burns // Bryce Harper hit a homerun last night that still hasn’t landed yet // I wrote this article on the Cleveland Indians, so go read it //  Kobe Bryant made history last night with an incredible 47 point performance // This Pittsburgh Penguin fan and I have a lot in common // Who is Katie Ann Martin?  Who cares, check her out // Some people hate LeBron James, but sometimes he makes it hard to do // Bubba Watson’s menu for his Masters dinner is deliciously simple // Holy Helen Flanagan // Florida Gulf Coast University Dunk City GIFs // Not gonna lie, the Lotus Birth kind of freaks me out // This teacher is a super creepster who threw away his hot wife and baby…for a 14 year old student // HEY. DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE. //

This Mariners fan did precisely what you are supposed to do if a ball lands in your beer.



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