Morning Coffee: Lais Ribeiro, The State of the Union, Christopher Dorner Dead & The Man That Killed Osama bin Laden Audio

Lais Ribeiro is a smoke show … Kate Upton is on the Sports Illustrated for the second time in a row and you can have a signed copy for $500 … Last week we had ‘Call Me Maybe’ categories on Jeopardy, this week we have this answer to Final Jeopardy … Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at a cheaper iPhone … When Steve Martin turns 83, his first born child will be eligible to get their drivers license … Adele didn’t yell at Chris Brown, they were complimenting each other … Obama delivered his State of the Union address last night to mixed reviews … The POTUS did give my home, Youngstown, a nice shout out … The Christopher Dorner nightmare appears to be over … High school coach charged with 110 felonies … O.J. Simpson is having a great time in jail, hailed as the Godfather of the prisonFacebook may have gotten something rightClaire Huxtable is putting Kris Jenner in her place

Only one video today…because it’s 18 minutes long…but waaay easier than reading Esquire’s 15,000 word article


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