Morning Coffee: Kitty Lea, Nike Pulls ‘Boston Massacre’ Tee, NFL Draft Watch & Unbelievable Pictures from Boston Bombers Shootout

Kitty Lea // Bethanny Frankel is 42 and rocking the shit out of this bikini…Cougar Madness 2014? // Becca Tobin, the bitch on Glee I think, is a smoke show for Maxim // Michea Crawford is probably the best thing to come from Canada since bacon //

This dude must really love Yuniesky Betancourt, nice dive // I think the Houston radio hosts are being a bit hard on this cheerleader // Nike might have the worst timing ever in 2013, now pulling ‘Boston Massacre’ t-shirts // The witch hunt for Johnny Manziel continues // Former players and assistants are defending former Rutgers coach Mike Rice // CP3 lifts the Clippers over the Grizzlies // 10 things to watch for at the NFL Draft on Thursday //

Apparently it is frowned upon when you smoke weed in the gym // Nicole Eggert had got some shit for past weight gain, but she knows a photo op when she sees one // This is the your biggest fame whore, America //And here is your second biggest fame whore //David Spade telling Reese Witherspoon she’s “not that famous” is a little hypocritical //

According the carjacking victim, the bombers planned to go to NYC next //  Also, apparently they didn’t kill him because he ‘wasn’t American’ //  These pictures are absolutely unreal from the shootout between cops and the Boston Bombers // FBI knocks another one off their 10 Most Wanted // Check out the sun’s solar life for three years in three minutes // TSA rethinking allowing knives on planes, thank God // How do you shoot yourself in the face with a harpoon? //

 Pretty awesome video of men coming to the rescue of 30 beached dolphins…while the women watched via Bobs Blitz

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