Morning Coffee: Katy Perry, Grammy Winners, Phil Mickelson Tumbles & the Best Mug Shot in a Long Time

Katy Perry’s boobs were the most popular thing at the Grammys last night … Speaking of the Grammys, The Black Keys cleaned up … The Philipines are mourning the loss of their beloved crocodile … The iWatch might be a thing, Apple experimenting … Chris Brown crashed his car on Saturday, blamed the paparazzi … The he got cozy with his punching bag on Sunday … This man has the best mug shot in 2013, maybe last year too … Dan Marino’s baby mama is sexy Is Kate Upton going back-2-back on SI swimsuit covers? … Phil Mickelson lost his footing a bitThe hunt is still on for Christopher Dorner, the disgruntled ex-cop psychopath … Taylor Swift mocked Harry Sty–who gives a shit? … Weezy spent his Grammys getting kicked out of the Heat vs. Lakers game for, alledgedly, rooting for the Lakers … Bieber wasn’t nominated for a Grammy because he simply isn’t that good, so he cried about it and released a song onlinePope Benedict XVI will resign at the end of the month due to health conditions …

Pull Your Pants Up prank is pretty good via Bobs Blitz


In honor of Katy Perry’s boobs, here they are bouncing on repeat…for 10 hours.


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