Morning Coffee: Kate Upton, Sidney Crosby is Good at Hockey, Spire Tops One World Trade Center & Nick Offerman Reading Young Female Celebrity Tweets

Kate Upton is still smoking hot, in case you were wondering // I’m not even sure how to title this gallery from The Chive // Thank you for introducing me to Jayde Nicole // Everyone loves Wonder Woman, why not a gallery of women dressed as the superhero // Selena Gomez is smoking in her new music video //

Sidney Crosby makes hockey look easy // Indians Pitcher Frank Herrmann is giving away tickets on Twitter to try to bring up the attendance // Miami Dolphin new stupid idea: Play a football game on an air craft carrier // Here’s a compilation of fans losing their shit on Twitter after Angel Hernandez screwed the A’s in Cleveland // Aaron Rodgers cameo on The Office is awesome // Giants Fan grabs a fair ball but loses pants //

Teen slut mom gets an endorsement from a limo company in LA, driving a Lambo // Absolutely awesome picture of One World Trade Center // The spire tops One World Trade Center bringing its height to the iconic 1,776 feet // These college courses seem too good to be true // There is waaaay more to that female Heat fan that flicked off the Bulls than initially thought // Ariel Castro wrote a suicide letter in 2004 claiming he had a problem and was a sex predator // Dennis Rodman is going to get us all killed…or save us…not sure // Unbelievable! A woman survived on dry food and little water for 17 days while trapped in rubble //

Nick Offerman reads young female celebrity tweets via Guyism


Insane home run robbing catch from Ohio University softball player via Hustle Belt


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