Morning Coffee: Kate Upton Hot, Mark Sanchez Not & Instagram Can Now Sell Your Photos Without Your Permission

Kate Upton remained hot during an Antarctic photo shoot … After reports surfaced that NBC cheif foreign correspondent Richard Engel was missing, he is now safely home … Kent State University will name a former player as their new head football coach … Mark Sanchez threw 4 interceptions last night … Laron Landry took out a person on the sideline, twice … Playmate Jaime Edmondson and Evan Longoria are pregs … Students in Newtown head back to class … Chris Johnson ran 94 yards for a TD with all the Sandy Hook victims names on his shoes … Facebook now has the freedom to sell your Instagram photos, Flickr laughs … Here are the 30 sexiest WAGs of 2012 … Here is where you can donate to the victims in Newtown … Hacker who got the ScarJo pics gets 10 years … University of California is looking for a new logo and LobShots joke may just win

Blake Griffin is going to break a backboard sooner or later…probably sooner via Bobs Blitz


This is a pretty awesome idea…going to get string and mistletoe



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