Morning Coffee: Kate Upton, Banksy Auction a Bust, Edward Snowden Action Figure, 3 Year Old Admitted to Mensa & Richie Incognito Sorry

Kate Upton went Zero G for a photo shoot for the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and it was awesome // Olympic athletes have been using Tinder to find “love”, here are the 30 hottest people using it in Sochi // Danica Patrick needed a lesson in internet boob etiquette // Get to know the 12 rookies of the SI Swimsuit issue, dang Emily Ratajkowski // Bregje Heine is hot and was in…well, I’m sure you know //

Kristen Wiig on the Tonight Show last night as Harry Styles // Kent State community lost a legend in Devo guitarist Bob Casale // Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is out and it looks pretty sweet // Cee Lo Green has quit The Voice after four seasons // Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne are a thang //

Richie Incognito went to Twitter to apologize to Jonathan Martin // NASCAR fans will see the number 3 car at Daytona again // Ted Ligety won the gold in the giant slalom, America’s first alpine gold // Kenyon Martin thinks that jerseys with sleeves belong in the WNBA // This guy did a nice crossover…on a toddler //

 25% of Americans have fell out of the “I’m a dipshit tree” and hit every branch on the way down // This 3 year old, recently admitted to Mensa, is not one of the 25% // Whistlesblower Eddie Snowden has his own action figure now, complete with lap top // Time to get serious, guys. We are running out of Clowns // Love Banksy but apparently his auction in Miami was underwhelming //

Jimmy Kimmel thinks there shouldn’t be homophobia in sports because they’re all a little gay [Next Impulse Sports]


This women is caught in a stampede…on bunny rabbits.


Crazy Cuban baseball fight, including bringing a bat to a fist fight [Guyism]



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