Morning Coffee: Kate Hudson, Mike Wallace Headed to South Beach, Bill Belichick Twitter Interview & a Sinkhole Swallowed a Golfer

I watched Almost Famous this weekend, I can’t get Kate Hudson off my mind // Probably the coolest thing the Backstreet Boys have ever done in their lives // Miami Dolphins land the services of Mike Wallace for 5 years $60M // For those of you who forgot the World Baseball Classic was going on, USA dominated Puerto Rico // Julie Bowen is getting hotter with age // If your child goes to school in the Bronx, send them with condoms // Lady Gaga has a 24 karat gold wheelchair because she has nothing better to spend her money on // A golfer in Illinois was swallowed by a sinkhole on the golf course // Black smoke on Day 2, Conclave will continue to vote on Wednesday // Bill Belichick did a Twitter Q&A by way of his girlfriends twitter account // Dumbest kid ever // Wait…I thought Jesse James was already married // Be careful if the doctor gives you those incredible Z-Pak // Someone at The Daily Mail is getting fired // By the way, the Heat are still winning // Erin Andrews burns a stalker // Survivor talks about deadly crash in Ohio that killed 6 teenagers //

Nino Jackson not only has a sick name, but a sick dunk routine too via Bobs Blitz


The Scott Hall Story from ESPN E:60 via @gangelooo


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